Open House 3 (July 10, 2012)

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Corridor Improvement Concepts
Design concepts presented at the February Open House were developed further and refined in response to input received. These concepts were presented on wall plots including plan view, vertical profile (cut and fill to reduce grades), and typical cross sections. The plots can be downloaded and viewed using the link(s) below.

See Corridor Concept Map - 1
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See Corridor Concept Map - 3
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See Corridor Concept Map - 5

Noise Information
Noise was a concern for many residents. Now that concept level design has been completed for the corridor, a noise study will be conducted to identify potential noise impacts associated with proposed improvements. Information presented at Open House #3 provides an understanding of the sources of roadway noise, typical noise levels, and how noise walls can reduce adjacent property noise levels.

Noise Analysis and Abatement Guidelines
The process involved in conducting a noise study was also presented. This information included noise abatement criteria (at what noise levels noise walls are needed). The process used to conduct a noise study and design noise walls was also presented. The Highway 105 noise study will be completed in late summer 2012. Noise measurements for the study will be taken in early August 2012.

Project Process: From Concept through Construction
As the concept level study nears a close, there have been questions about the timing of right-of-way acquisition and construction, as well as the timing of noise wall mitigation. To provide a clearer understanding of the steps and sequence of project development, a generalized flow diagram was presented. You will note that the right-of-way acquisition will be one of the next steps once funding is available. The earliest that funding is expected would be 2014 and, due to existing needs, west corridor improvements are expected to be given priority as funding permits.

We Hear You:
Thank you for your participation. Please keep your comments coming. You can comment on comment sheets (download comment sheet) or anytime at this website. Comments received to date have addressed issues including: need for safety improvements, speed limit, truck traffic, desire for bike/pedestrian lane(s).