Open House 2 (February 28, 2012)

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El Paso Major County Transportation Corridors Plan (MTCP) 2040:
The MTCP indentifies Highway 105 as a Principal Arterial. Other county roads with this classification include: Hodgen Road-Baptist Road, Stapleton Road, Meridian Road, Marksheffel Road, Curtis Road, Peyton Highway, and Bradley Road. The MTCP also identifies ultimate widths of two to six lanes for each facility. The width set for Highway 105 is four lanes.

Level of Service (LOS):
Criteria are used to grade intersections operations relative to vehicle delay, a measure of congestion. Ratings from A to F are used. If the Level of Service grade drops below a LOS "D," improvements are needed, to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Highway 105 Traffic Analysis:
Intersections along the Highway 105 corridor were evaluated for existing morning and evening peak hour volumes and for year 2040 forecast peak hour volumes with no improvements. A number of corridor intersections currently operate below a LOS "D" during peak periods. LOS for others will drop below LOS "D" by 2040, if no improvements are made.

Typical Cross Sections:
Improvements to Highway 105 are needed to address existing (interim) and long term (ultimate) needs. Interim and ultimate roadway layouts for Highway 105 could include: curb and gutter, drainage swales, sidewalks, and center medians. Shoulders (8-foot to 10-foot width) would be included in all options. Cut and fill areas would require gradual side slopes, drainage swales for rural sections, and/or retaining walls. Noise walls may also be warranted in some locations.

Flattening Grades/Smoothing Curves:
Rolling hills and curves in the roadway make it difficult to see oncoming traffic at intersections in some locations along the corridor. Possible cut and fill options were developed to improve driver sight distances at three such identified locations.

Intersection Upgrades:
The results of preliminary traffic analysis for existing and forecast traffic identified a number of intersections that may need to be upgraded for traffic operations and safety reasons. Signalization, roundabouts or improved STOP sign control options have been evaluated for three key intersections: Fairplay Road, Furrow Road, and Roller Coaster Road. Options for improvements to other intersections will be evaluated as the study progresses.

Access Management:
Traffic flow on Highway 105 could be improved by better management of access along the corridor. Where alternative safe access is not available, options are limited.

We Hear You:
Thank you for your participation. Please keep your comments coming. You can comment on comment sheets (download comment sheet) or anytime at this website. Comments received to date have addressed issues including: need for safety improvements, speed limit, truck traffic, desire for bike/pedestrian lane(s).